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Complimentary includes: Brochure with introduction to our products and services, and other information to get you started in the right direction for planning your home. Free Catalogue: 56-pg color Catalogue, Material Specs, Pricing, and Current Newsletters. $10 (CD-ROM is out of print)

Portfolio of Fine Timber
Frame Homes and Unique Commercial Projects

Log & Timber Frame Homes by Tina Skinner $25 (Retails for $34.95 in book stores, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble online.) New book now available: Log Homes, Past & Present (same price)
If you are in the beginning stages of your research and would like to receive a basic information package, please complete the form below and then click "Submit Form" to forward it to our customer service department.  Your request will be processed within a day. No matter which stage of the planning process you find yourself, it is highly recommended that you obtain your own copy of our latest Catalogue and Interactive CD-Rom. Please follow this link to place your order: Catalogue & CD-ROM Order Form. (The CD-Rom is interactive with 3-D Home Architect). This 28-page catalogue highlights some of our finest timber frame projects - both residential & commercial.  It's sure to get your creative juices flowing as you design your own home or commercial structure. Hardcover 240-page Schiffer Design Book featuring more than 35 Hearthstone homes, inside and out, through beautiful color photographs and floor plans.  A wonderful resource for anyone trying to decide between timber frame or log home construction or a combination of both.
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6x12 Traditional Log Homes    6x14 Timberwright Log Home 8" Random Stack Log Home

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Cost of construction vary, depending on finished appointments, appliances, fixtures chosen by the homeowner, and the region of the country in which the home is constructed.  The following turn-key costs are representative:

  • A single story log home is approximately $130-$170 per square foot, depending on amenities.
  • A 1 or 2-story log home is approximately $170-$210 per square foot, depending on amenities.
  • A TimberFrame home or a Bob Timberlake Log Home is approximately $180-$250 per square foot, depending on amenities.

However, the majority of our clients in the Southeastern United States expect to invest in the $140 to $180 per square foot range for a nicely finished home. I am not aware of anyone that is building quality homes for less than the

basic examples listed above. Reminder: A quality home will not very cheap and a cheap home will not be of very good quality.

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