Fax-Back Order Form
(a) fax back with your credit card information to (478) 477-6535.
(b) print out and mail with your check or credit card information to:
Hearthstone, Inc.,  Attn. John Ricketson
120 Carriage Drive, Macon, GA  31210
(877)  662-6135

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Budget:  $150-200K______   (small cabin)   $201-250K______     $251-300K______     $301-350K_______ $350K+ ___________
Building Site Location ________________________(County) ________________(State)
Square Footage Desired:____________            1Story_____     1 1/2 story _____     2Story _____
Primary Interest: (choose one) Log _____     TimberFrame _____     Barn _____       Log/TF Hybrid _____
When do you plan to begin building? _________________(Mo.)   _______________(Yr.)
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Description Price Total
Log & Timber Frame Homes -or- Log Cabins, Past & Present (choose one) $25.00      $
Catalogue $10.00      $
Multi-Media CD-ROM (out of print) N/A      $
Commercial Projects Portfolio $10.00      $
Timber Frame Portfolio $8.00      $
Shipping & Handling (per order, not per catalog or book) $5.00      $5.00
  TOTAL      $