Timberwright Corner Section SampleThe Timberwright® log system features a hand-carved, natural-look contour in the chinking space. Log sizes are either 6"x14" or 8"x14" and single logs can be up to 32' in length. These log walls have a 3" chink space, ......thereby creating a random effect in the placement of the logs. Logs are pre-drilled for throughbolts and wiring.

The Timberwright® is available in the European Dovetail Notch, and Half-Dovetail Notch.  This way you can truly customize the look you want and have a one-of-a-kind log home. Look at some of the photos below and you'll see the difference! These logs have the advantage of a metal spline for the chinking and have hand-carved edges that simulate the random shape of a tree for a very authentic look. Chinking can be applied heavily on the log to accentuate the carving more.

Timberwright Log Home - Saddle Notching, planed interior, hewn exterior.

This custom Timberwright® home located in Missouri features interior log walls that have been planed smooth and hand hewn exterior log walls.

Saddle Notch Timberwright Bath
Timberwright Living Room Timberwright Porch
Rear View Timberwright Bed Notice the Irregular Curve of the Logs! View from the loft.

Timberwright Log Home - European notching, machine hewn interior, hand hewn exterior.

This Riverside Timberwright® log home located in Georgia features European Dovetail notching, machine hewn log walls. Girders, floor beams, ridges, and rafters were all planed smooth for a more finished look.

The Riverside Back Porch The Riverside Stairs
The Riverside Master Bedroom The Riverside Guest Room The Riverside Kitchen The Riverside Dining Room The Riverside Study
Riverside Living Room The Riverside Right Front The Riverside Dining Room

This Chestnut 2500 Timberwright® log home located in West Virginia features Half-Dovetail notches, planed interior log walls, and hand hewn exterior log walls. This home was featured in the March 2003 issue of Log Homes Illustrated Magazine.

Closeup of log contour - Timberwright Style
Front Porch of Chestnut 2500 - Timberwright Style Bath
Dining Room View From Dining Area Dormer
Front view of Chestnut 2500 Kitchen of Chestnut 2500 - Timberwright Style Timberwright Bedroom Rear view of Chestnut 2500

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