While we are doing the final engineering and notching the logs, your builder will be busy on his end . . . clearing the land, grading the access, starting the footings, foundation, and subfloor.  The following photographs will help you understand the log home construction process.  After all - a picture is worth a thousand words!  Better yet - come visit one of our many jobsites in progress.  For a text listing of materials included in our complete package, click HERE.

FIRST STEP: FOUNDATION - Hearthstone provides blueprints, your local builder installs the foundation.

Footings1.jpg (22218 bytes)
Footings being dug.
Footings2.jpg (22105 bytes)
Footings being poured.
concrete slab.jpg (22942 bytes)
Concrete slab.
Crawlspace.jpg (32527 bytes)
Base_Crawl.jpg (27977 bytes)
Basement, or combination crawlspace/basement.

Install sub.jpg (22783 bytes)
Next, the subfloor is begun.  We will design the subfloor for the proper loads.

I joists.jpg (23482 bytes)
Engineered wood I-beams make up this subfloor.

Floor truss.jpg (66311 bytes)
4x2 floor truss.
C girt.jpg (22752 bytes)
Steel C-Girts

NEXT . . .

truck1.jpg (18662 bytes)
Delivery Day!!

Unload1.jpg (23234 bytes)
Our crew will check the subfloor and support 
systems prior to unloading 
the tractor trailer trucks.

Set sills_lo.jpg (33829 bytes)
The sill logs are set.
place logs_lo.jpg (29909 bytes)
Logs walls assembled.
throughbolts_lo.jpg (34062 bytes)
Through bolts are 
threaded and coupled.
load blocks_lo.jpg (37817 bytes)
Load bearing blocks are installed around the perimeter.
jamb_lo.jpg (53870 bytes)
Slotted, sliding jamb installed at window opening.

Logs are pre-cut 
for exact rough opening widths and mortised to jamb dimension.  Crew makes final height adjustments on site.

wiring holes_lo.jpg (45052 bytes)
All logs are pre-drilled for electrical wiring.
offset.jpg (149348 bytes)
Precision-cut notches 
are offset to prevent 
air infiltration.
screw jack_lo.jpg (36147 bytes)
Threaded screw jacks are mounted under every 
girder post, ridge post 
and porch post to allow 
aid in normal settling.
girder_lo.jpg (43012 bytes)
Girders and overhead 
beams are installed and secured with Olylogs
2nd floor_lo.jpg (55504 bytes)
Wall logs and top plates are installed above 2nd floor beams.
comp springs_lo.jpg (49034 bytes)
Upper compression springs are installed and tightened. Dormer wall is braced while rest of crew prepares roof.
rafters1_lo.jpg (45213 bytes)
Rafters are attached to ridge beam at specific locations.
rafter2_lo.jpg (36955 bytes)
Rafters are raised.
rafter3_lo.jpg (28309 bytes)
Rafters are secured to ridge beam with Olylogs.
rafter4_lo.jpg (55878 bytes)
Collar ties are attached to rafter sets and entire assembly is lifted.
rafter5_lo.jpg (50600 bytes)
Cathedral rafter system.
ridge posts_lo.jpg (51615 bytes)
Ridge support posts are installed, rafter system is leveled and braced.


Now that you've seen a cathedral ceiling installed, here are a few shots of how a truss roof system is built.

drop gable_lo.jpg (63541 bytes)
A drop gable truss allows a fully cantilevered structural overhang.
assembly_lo.jpg (55567 bytes)
Gable truss assembly lifted onto top plate system of a 2 story home.
scissor truss_lo.jpg (45253 bytes)
Scissor trusses are an inexpensive way to achieve the "cathedral ceiling" look on a 1 story or 2 story home.
scissor2_lo.jpg (54968 bytes)
Scissor truss after completion.
attic1_lo.jpg (54586 bytes)
Attic trusses can be 
used to provide storage space or a bonus room over a garage.


SPECIALTY & COMMON MATERIALS such as decking, porch material, siding, roofing, and trim are carefully stacked and inventoried.

inventory1_lo.jpg (52105 bytes) inventory2_lo.jpg (54360 bytes)  


The structural erection work complete, our crew can now clean up, gather tools and head to the next Hearthstone project.

Your local builder now takes over to perform the dry-in (install the Hearthstone provided roofing materials and erect the Hearthstone provided porch and stair materials, etc...)  Your local builder performs all the common, ordinary construction details such as wiring, plumbing, finished cabinetry, finished flooring, etc...  It is much more cost effective for you to have a local contractor perform these functions instead of our heavy timber erection crew.

Special Note:  During the months of January, February, and March Hearthstone offers a dry-in service. Contact your Project Manager for details, which are subject to change with current bookings.

Fully erected log superstructure

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