• We can custom cut timbers for any size project!
  • Timbers can be milled up to 40' long and in almost any dimension.
  • Any species of wood can be obtained and milled.
  • Of course, only the heart of the timber is used for the log walls and timber frame members.  No part of the tree is wasted!
  • Log veneer is cut from the sides of the tree; bark and wood remnants are chipped and recycled for other purposes.

Take The Sawmill Tour!  Click On Photos To Enlarge.

Sawmill-lo-01.jpg (24324 bytes)

White pine and oak trees fresh from our boundaries.

Sawmill-lo-02.jpg (25645 bytes)

Prepared for debarking prior to sawing.

Sawmill-lo-03.jpg (26193 bytes)

Debarking machine at work removing bark to keep saws sharp and waste minimal.

Sawmill-lo-04.jpg (27929 bytes)

Logs ready for sawyer. Two carriages built together to allow long lengths.

Sawmill-lo-05.jpg (26081 bytes)

Wood chips and mulch for sale and recycling to local customers.

Sawmill-lo-06.jpg (21213 bytes)

Sawing operation cutting logs up to 30 inches in diameter and 42 feet in length.

Sawmill-lo-07.jpg (20137 bytes)

Slabs for siding, trim, etc.

Sawmill-lo-08.jpg (18364 bytes)

Edger for sizing and squaring.

Sawmill-lo-10.jpg (17937 bytes)

Wood chipper prepar- ing chips for sale.

Sawmill-lo-11.jpg (17383 bytes)

Wood chips ready for transport.

Sawmill-lo-12.jpg (18284 bytes)

Tail end of log operation.

Sawmill-lo-13.jpg (18577 bytes)

Sawdust collection for distribution to local farmers.

Sawmill-lo-14.jpg (21196 bytes)

Odd shaped beams ready for floor joist production.

Sawmill-lo-15.jpg (19953 bytes)

Oversized floor joists for custom applications.

Sawmill-lo-16.jpg (19715 bytes)

Timberlake logs ready for dovetails and sizing.

Sawmill-lo-17.jpg (17184 bytes)

6x12 cants ready for log wall production.

Sawmill-lo-18.jpg (20514 bytes)

Timberlake log inventory.

Sawmill-lo-19.jpg (17632 bytes)

5/4 veneer for interior/exterior siding.

Sawmill-lo-20.jpg (21921 bytes)

Slabs prepared for furniture industry sale (white pine).

Sawmill-lo-21.jpg (17633 bytes)

Log veneer stacked in preparation for kiln-drying.

Sawmill-lo-22.jpg (23166 bytes)

Log veneer awaiting hand hewing.

Sawmill-lo-23.jpg (18659 bytes)

More log veneer stacked in preparation for kiln-drying.

Sawmill-lo-24.jpg (20267 bytes)

The toys are BIG in the sawmill business.

Sawmill-lo-25.jpg (23397 bytes)

Loading one of the 40 trucks/ week that travel in/out of the sawmill.


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