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Timber Frame Homes - April/May 2005 Issue.  "Land & Sea" by Jason Peak.  Photos by Rich Frutchey.  A masterpiece nestled on the Carlolina coast provides stunning views and the setting for a glorious low-country lifestyle.  Click on photo above to tour this magnificent home!

Country's Best Log Homes - January 2005 Issue.  "Back in Time & Space" by Margaret A. Haapoja.  Photos by F&E Schmidt.  A tranquil Georgia forest is the perfect setting for relaxed living and sturdy log construction. Click photo above to view article.

Ocala Magazine - "Treehouse" by Heather Lee - January 2005.  A custom Oak Timber Frame home is truly a labor of love for this Ocala, Florida couple. Click photo above to view all shots.

Chestnut 2606 located on St. George Island, FL
Chestnut 2606

Country's Best Log Homes - Vacation Log Homes Issue, Spring 2004  "A Vacation Retreat on the Beach" by Colleen Morrissey.  Photos by Ken Krakow.  Click photo to view.

Lakota 3065 is part of the FasTrack Collection!
Lakota 3065

Country's Best Log Homes, Sept 2003 Issue.  "Escape To a Southern Sanctuary" by Gloria Gale.  Photos by Ken Krakow.  Research and planning pay off for a couple wanting to leave behind the hustle and bustle of big-city life.  Click photo to view.

Custom-designed Timberlake Log Home

Log Home Design Ideas, August 2003 issue.  "Home is Where the Heritage Is" by Iyna Bort Caruso.  Photos by F&E Schmidt.  Custom-designed Timberlake log home on an 80-acre compound in western North Carolina.  Click photo to view.

Custom-designed Timber Frame with Hammerbeams.

Timber Frame Homes, Fall 2003 issue. "Mountain Respite" Story & Photos by Esther & Franklin Schmidt.  A Virginia family's vacations center around their timber frame home in rural North Carolina.  Click photo to view.

Log Home Living, September 2003 Issue.  "Country Refined" Photos by Roger Wade. Story by Candace Allen.  Giving up city life, an Atlanta couple finds contentment in the country.

Custom-designed Timber Frame and Log Hybrid.

Timber Homes Illustrated, June 2003 Issue.  "West Meets East" by Colleen Morrissey.  Photos by F&E Schmidt.  A barn-style home in Pennsylvania combines timber and logs.  Click photo to view.

Custom-designed Timberlake Log Ranch in Alabama.

Luxury Living Magazine, Winter 2003 Issue.  "A Labor of Love" by Becki Bryant.  Photography by Ken Krakow.  A delightful mix of new and old, custom-made and one-of-a-kind finds creates a chic and cozy cabin. Click photo to view.

Custom-designed Timber Frame and Log Hybrid.

Country's Best Log Homes, May 2003 Issue.  "Architectural Adventure" Photos and story by Esther & Franklin Schmidt.  After 30 years of planning, a Missouri couple took the plunge and created the ideal home - combination log and timberframe!  Click photo to view

Chestnut 2606 is part of the FasTrack Collection
Chestnut 2606

Log Homes Illustrated, March 2003 Issue. "Almost Heaven" by Colleen Morrissey.  Photos by F&R Schmidt. West Virginia lures a couple for retirement and a new log home.  Click photo to view.

Eastwood 1528e is perfect for retirement!
Eastwood 1528e

Country's Best Log Homes - Vacation Log Homes Issue. Spring 2003.  "Georgia Getaway" by Gloria Gale.  Photos by Ken Krakow.  A mountain cabin has vintage appeal for a stargazing couple. Click photo to view.

Eastwood 1528e is part of the FasTrack Collection.
Eastwood 1528e

Log Home Living - Jan 2003 Issue. "20 Houses you can build for Under $150K" by Donna Peak & Rachel Machacek.  Photos by Ken Krakow.  You can fulfill your dream without emptying your bank account. Click photo to view.

Custom-designed Timberlake Log Home

Log Home Design Ideas, November  2002 Issue. "History Repeats Itself" by Peter Lindblad, Photos by F&E Schmidt.  Authentic appalachian-style construction gave these homeowners not one, but two log homes connected to America's past.  Click photo to view.

Custom Timberlake Guesthouse

Vision Magazine - The Magazine for Cadillac Enthusiasts, Fall 2002 Issue.  "Log Palace" by Brad Lemley.  Photography by Roger Wade.  Click photo to view.

Custom Timberlake Log Home in Scenic New Mexico

Country's Best Log Homes, 2003 Annual Buyer's Guide. "Log Home Design" by Gloria Gale.  Photography by F&E Schmidt. Study, listen, and act are three key elements to keep in mind when designing your future log home.

Classic Greenbriar Log Home

Log Home Living, October 2002 Issue. "Fashionable Fires" by Jim Kemp.  Photography by F&E Schmidt. Click photo to view.

Beautifyl Timberwright Log Home in the Georgia Mountains.

Log Home Design Ideas, September 2002 Issue. "Home Work Assignment" by Peter Linblad, Photos by Roger Wade.  The decor in log home offices is usually rich, textural, and comfortable.  Many times, they are as luxurious as living rooms.  Click photo to view.

Come to the model home in Macon to view this fabulous porch!
Pioneer 2500

Home Magazine July/Aug 2002 Issue. "15 Fabulous Porches" by Hanna Rense, Photos by Roger Wade. "Alfresco dining in Georgia comes with a hammock for naps."
This home was built in 1989 using the Pioneer floorplan, which was modified to the owner's specifications. To see the rest of this secluded Traditional 6x12 Log Home, click Here.

6x12 log home with timber frame porch.  Mixing wood and stone together.

Log Homes Illustrated, July 2002 Issue. "Second Time's A Charm" by Colleen Morrissey, Photos by Harley Ferguson. A Tennessee couple builds a log home with the look of long ago.  Click photo to view.

Relaxation awaits on this stunning veranda.

Log & Timber Style July/Aug 2002 Issue. "The Bachelor Pad, Interrupted" by Eliza Castaneda, Photos by Gil Stose.  "When love and a log cabin came into Jim Henderson's life at the same time, the former bachelor knew he would never be the same . . . Wynne's experience as an interior designer helped to create a comfortable, casual getaway surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest."

Combining traditional Timberframing with Timberlake logs to create a majestic locale.

Log Home Living June 2002 Issue.  "A Perfect Season"  by Jason Peak, Photos by Harley Ferguson.  Football star, Bill Curry, secures winning home in the mountains of North Carolina.  "An open, timber-framed great room overlooks the beautiful Carolina mountainside . . .  The log home is hand-hewn, just the old-time look that the Currys had sought." Click photo to view.

Guesthouse - Lake Haven 800 model.

Log Home Living May 2002 Issue.  "Leading the Way"  by garden writer, Catriona Tudor Erler, Photo by Harley Ferguson.  "Garden paths can feature stone, brick, mulch, mowed grass or even oyster shells to comfortably lead visitors through the landscape."

Loaded with charm, this Timberlake log home is in Cleveland, TN.

Log Home Design Ideas April 2002 Issue.  "Mr. Jones' Opus" by Jay Uhlenbrauck, Photos by Roger Wade, Styling by Debra Grahl.  "Like the director of a grand performance . . . Allan orchestrated the development of the acreage.  Acting as general contractor, he molded it into his own Harmonious Opus - a space that could be shared by man and Mother Nature." Click photo to view.

Timberlake style log home in New Mexico.

Country's Best Log Homes Presents Vacation Log Homes Spring 2002 Issue.  "Small but Super" by Dick Pirozzolo, Photos by Franklin Schmidt.  "A small log dwelling does not crimp a decorator's flair.  Here all sorts of delights to the eye fill a single room and make a vacation getaway all the more pleasurable." Click photo to view.

Front porch of the Hickory Ridge home on Douglas Lake, TN.

Country's Best Log Homes 2002 Annual Buyer's Guide.  "Design Porches and Decks" by staff.  "Debarked, but unadorned tree trunks lend their heft to supporting a log home's long porch.  Fans make a breeze when Mother Nature does not." Click photo to view.

Snowbound in New Mexico.

Log Home Living January 2002 Issue.  "A Shared Vision" by Jacqueline Kennard, Photos by Franklin and Esther Schmidt.  Appalachian style heads out west to New Mexico.  "Square logs with thick bands of chinking define the Appalachian-style log home." Click photo to view.

Second Creek Farm Bed & Breakfast in Owensville, MO.

Log Home Design Ideas December 2001 Issue.  "Dear Diary . . . continued" by staff. "Join us as we complete our cross-country trek in search of log bed & breakfast structures.  Square hand-hewn timbers give the B&B an old-fashioned feel."  Also featured in this article is Savage River Lodge in Grantsville, MD. Click photo to view.

Relaxation awaits on this stunning veranda.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles: Second Home November 2001 Issue.  "Cabin Fever" by Lisa Gaddy, Photos by Gil Stose.  A mountain getaway soothes the souls of two Buckhead high-rise dwellers.  "Jim and Wynne Henderson's cabin in Highlands is nestled in a secluded woodland setting . . . In keeping with the log furniture, Wynne chose a Native American-patterned fabric for the upholstery."

The Robinson model.
Robinson 3825

Log Homes Illustrated September 2001.  "A House with History" by Stacy Durr Albert, Photos by Franklyn & Esther Schmidt.  After living in a contemporary log home, a Pennsylvania couple decides to build a new one in the style of the past. Click photo to view.

Savage River Lodge in Frostburg, MD.

Log Home Living August 2001.  "The Lure of Log.  Consider the combination of two pursuits: logs and fly-fishing."  Savage River Lodge, shown right, offers guests a gourmet restaurant, library, and bar; the guest cabin interior are bright and cheerful; cozy conversation areas are arranged throughout the main lodge. Click photo to view.

Greenbriar model nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Log Home Living August 2001.  "By the Book" by Candace Allen, photos by Roger Wade.  "Do-it-yourselfer tackles the ultimate project - his own log cabin."  Nestled on 12 acres in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, this cabin looks very much at home there in the woods.

GilesFront.jpg (12445 bytes)
Hickory Ridge 4503

Log Home Living July 2001. "Appalachian Roots.  Log Home becomes a way of life for Tennessee owner."  by Amy Laughinghouse, Photography by Harley Ferguson. Click photo to view.

BalesFireplace.jpg (40026 bytes)
Lake Haven 1400

Log Homes Illustrated July 2001 Issue.  "Perfect Match. One home is better than two for a Georgia couple." by Roland Sweet, Photos by Roger Wade, Styling by Debra Grahl. Click photo to view.

KnightPorch.jpg (82231 bytes)

Mountain Living May/June 2001 Issue.  "A Match Made in Heaven" by Joey Porcelli. Photos by Linda Hanselman. A marriage of log and adobe lives happily ever after in Colorado's Cuchara Valley. Click photo to view.

6x12 Traditional Log Home

Log Home Design Ideas March 2001 Issue. "The Changing Geography of Kitchens" by Carissa Kowalski, Photo by Franklin Schmidt. Click photo to enlarge.

Come visit the Blue Ridge Series!

Log Home Living February 2001 Issue.  "Back to Nature" by Lara Stapleton, Photos by owners.  North Carolina couple searches high and low to find the ideal accessories for their log home.  Click photo to view.

IrmiterExtWeb.jpg (25492 bytes)

Log Home Living January 2001 Issue.  "Close To Home: Wisconsin log home affords owners a short distance to a secluded getaway." by Margaret A. Haapoja, Photos by Don Kerkhof.  "Square dovetailed logs, thick chinking, a cedar shave roof and gingerbread fascia board lend an Old World chalet feeling to this charming weekend retreat."  Click photo to enlarge.

Timber Homes Illustrated August 2000 Issue.  "Northern Comfort: A spacious oak timber-frame home graces uplands Wisconsin."  Story by Roland Sweet, Photos by Don Kerkhof. Click photo to view article.

Log Home Living August 2000 Issue. "Inn Style: Missouri B&B recaptures the look of yesteryear." Story by Mary Beth Marklein, Photos by Franklin & Esther Schmidt. Click photo to view article.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles  May/June 2000. "Logged In" by Lisa Gaddy.  Photography by Roger Wade. Click photo to view article.

Pioneer 2500 located in Macon, Georgia.  Shown by appointment.

Log Home Design Ideas  July 2000 Issue.  "Character Counts in Fine Craftsmanship" by Linda Marx. Photos by Roger Wade. Click photo to view.

WillsExt.jpg (20979 bytes)

Log Home Living May 2000.  "Change of Page" by Cindy Ross.  Photography by Roger Wade.  Atlanta couple retires to the Georgia Mountains. Click photo to view.


6x12 Traditional Log Home

Country's Best Log Homes  May 2000 "The Little Lady Who Could" by Joyce Standridge.  Photography by Brad Simmons.  Styling by J. Woestemeyer. Click photo to enlarge.

Timber Frame Homes  Spring 2000  "Additional Inspiration" by Amy Laughinghouse.  Photography by F&E Schmidt.  An old farmhouse in southern Missouri takes wing.  (Timber frame addition to existing farmhouse.) Click photo to view.

Classic Greenbriar model in 6x12 Traditional Log System.

Log Home Living  February 2000  "Rest Stop" Story & Photography by F&E Schmidt.  A vacation home in the Pennsylvania woods.  Standard Greenbriar model. Click photo to view.

Log Home Living January 2000 "Dream Job" Story and photography by J.E. Evans.  Ohio family builds a home in the woods.  Click photo to enlarge.

Custom Timber Frame Home

Timber Homes Illustrated  Fall 1999 "Mountain Magic" A Carolina getaway refreshes a Florida family. Story and photography by F&E Schmidt. Click photo to enlarge. Click to view. 

Welcome to Hearthstone!

Log Home Design Ideas  November 1999  "Technology in the New Millennium" by Colleen Sutherland.

Lake Haven 1400

Log Home Design Ideas  September 1999  "Woodland Retreat" Photography by Ken Krakow.  Lake Haven 1400 model.

Log Home Living  May 1999  "Built to Last" by Peter Lobred.  Photography by Don Kerkhof.  Second home is first in family's heart. Click photo to view.

Log Home Design Ideas June/July 1999

Log Home Design Ideas  June/July 99  "Log Home Additions" by Teresa Hilgenberg.  Photography by F&E Schmidt.  Click photo to view.

6x12 Greenbriar model Log Home in Newnan, Georgia.

Veranda  Fall 1998  "Applied Principles" by Frances Schultz.  Interior design by Stan Topol, Photography by Kevin C. Rose  Standard Greenbriar model. Click to enlarge.

8x16 Log Home in Telluride, Colorado.

Log Home Living  July 1998  "Style & Substance" by Colleen Morrissey.  Photos by Bob Franzese.  Telluride retreat is a melting pot of ideas and ingenuity. Click to enlarge.

Lake Haven 1400
Lake Haven 1400 

Macon Magazine  May 1998  "A Log Cabin Getaway" by Cindy Sams  Photography by Ken Krakow.  Not far from the city, this weekend log cabin has helped tame the owner's hankering for the wilderness. Click to view article.

6x12 Log Home - Custom Design

Log Homes Illustrated  April/May 1998  "Out of the Ordinary"  Story and photos by F&E Schmidt.  A South Carolina hewn-log home showcases Victorian and antique furnishings. Click to enlarge.

Custom Timberlake Log Home

Log Home Living  Feb/Mar 1998  "In the Classic Tradition" story & photos by F&E Schmidt.  An Alabama home showcases log-building skill and decorating talent.  Click to enlarge.

Bob Timberlake

Log Homes Illustrated  Jan/Feb 1998  "Celebrity Style" The stars who come home to a Hearthstone: Charlie Daniels, Bob Timberlake, Bill Curry, Johnny Cash, Terry Braxton (Little Tikes creator), Michael Martin Murphy, Richard Petty, Dan Robbie (owner of Miami Dolphins), Steven Seagal

Beautiful custom log home!

Log Home Living January 1997  "Greener Pastures" story & photos by F&E Schmidt.  North Carolina family trades one log home for another.  Click to enlarge.

Bunkhouse model in 6x12 log system.

Log Home Living Aug/Sept 1996  "Southern Belles" Photos & Story by F&E Schmidt.  An Alabama log home is just the beginning.  Click to enlarge.

Blue Ridge 1821c in Timberlake Style.

Log Homes Illustrated June/July 1996 "Echoes of Long Ago" Story and Photos by F&E Schmidt.  A Classic Blue Ridge model built in the Bob Timberlake Log Home System.  Click to view.

Log Home Living July 1996

Log Home Living, July 1996. Photos & Story by F&E Schmidt. "Cabin Fever"  Logs charm a guesthouse and fishing cabin.  Click photo to view article.

Yippy Yi Yea - Look at Michael Martin Murphey's Cabin!

Yippy Yi Yea Magazine, Fall 1994 "A Mountain Peace" by Julie L. Semrau.  Michael Martin Murphey's mountain cabin.  Click photo to view article.

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Newspaper Articles

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - August 14, 2005 "Log Homes Give Pioneer Flavor to Getaway Places."

Monthly Newspaper Articles by John Ricketson
Published in The Macon Telegraph Home Hunter

July 18, 1999  "How Cathedral Ceilings Are Built & Insulated"
August 15, 1999 "Just What are Structural Insulated Panels?"
September 16, 1999 "Shrinkage & Settling in Log Homes."
October 31, 1999 "Properly Maintaining Your Log Home."
December 5, 1999 "Energy Efficiency in Log Homes"

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Hearthstone Has Been Featured in the Following Books:

Log and Timber Frame Homes released March 2003 by Tina Skinner.  Schiffer Publishing
Barns, Sheds, and Outbuildings released 2002 by Wagner/Dekorne. Creative Homeowner
How to Afford Your Own Log Home
released 2002 by Carl Heldmann.  Globe Pequot
The Cabin
released 2001 by Dale Mulfinger and Susan E. Davis.  Taunton Press
Your Vacation Home released 2001 by Rich Binsacca. Home Planners
Cabin Style released 2001 by Janice Brewster.  Publications International
Timberframe Interiors released 2000 by Pirozzolo/Corzine.  Gibbs Smith Publishers.
Timberframe Plan Book released 2000 by Pirozzolo/Morris.  Gibbs Smith Publishers.
The Log Home Plan Book
released 1999 by Cindy Thiede.  Gibbs Smith Publishers

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Pinway Plantation - Located twelve miles west of Waynesboro, Georgia in the birddog capital of the world, it offers the South's finest "Olde Plantation" quail, deer, and turkey hunting with experienced guides and trained English Pointers and Setters. View their spacious log lodge on their website!

Second Creek Farm Bed & Breakfast - Enjoy an 1850's log cabin atmosphere while exploring 135 acres of wooded hills, lush green fields surrounding the house and of course Second Creek which runs right through the middle of the farm.  Owned & operated by Pat & Jack Wilson, Owensville, Missouri.  For more information, call (573) 437-6999.

Savage River Lodge Nestled within more than 700 acres of Western Maryland's Savage River State Forest, the Lodge is a quiet retreat from a busy world. Once you're there, you'll find all the elements of relaxation and comfort--soul-warming food, sink-into accommodations, your own private cabin, and exceptional hospitality. Whether you prefer to watch nature from your rocking chair or spend your day in pursuit of your favorite outdoor activity, you'll take home the spirit of the forest...and the Savage River Lodge. Eighteen upscale cabins and the nearby Lodge building, surrounded by the forest, convey a rustic, lived-in comfort. Amenities and appointments, however are decidedly upscale and infused with a genuinely friendly hospitality.


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