Log Veneer Garage
Log Veneer is used above to cover a stick-built garage.

Log Veneer is used in a variety of situations, the most common being as an exterior siding on conventionally gable ends above the log walls.  It is also used extensively on gable dormers, shed dormers, stick-built garages, workshops, breezeways, and on some interior partition walls.  It is suitable anyplace where structural, settling, and/or cost considerations make a full log wall impractical for the intended use.

Log veneer is crafted from Eastern White Pine (EWP) and is kiln-dried for stability due to the veneer being cut from the outer edges of the timber and higher-than-normal shrinkage rates without the ability to settle because veneer is always attached to a stick-frame or insulated panel wall.

Veneer is normally hand-hewn on the exposed side for the more authentic "Appalachian" look and feel.  Additionally, the veneer can be WeatherAged to remove a little of the softwood between the growth rings which raises the grain and makes the wood look like it has been exposed to the elements for 200 years!  A rich stain will then accentuate the shadow lines and texture of the wood.

Veneer is priced by the linear foot and includes sufficient Perma-Chink to cover the correct spacing between the log veneer courses.  The chink space associated with each different type of veneer allows coverage of wall area at a larger percentage per linear foot purchased.

Log Veneer in gable end.





Log Veneer is used in the
gable ends of this home to give the appearance of the continuation of the log wall.

Log Veneer in Gable End and Shed Dormer.
Log Veneer is used above in both the 
shed dormer and gable ends.

Your Hearthstone representative will be happy to prepare an estimate for your project.  This is done by reviewing a set of your plans or by discussing the average dimensions of your project.  Below is a short starter checklist for estimating purposes:
  • Total square footage of wall area.
  • Type of veneer desired: 1x12, 1x14, or Timberlake.
  • Chink space desired: 1",2",3",4", or variable.
  • Surface prep: Hand-hewn or planed smooth.
  • Add WeatherAged finish?
  • Color of Perma-Chink chinking?
  • Color & Type of Lifeline stain?
  • Shipping options and order scheduling.
A conversion chart for the different types of veneer is shown below:

1.  1x12 (Traditional): 1 linear foot purchased will cover 1.33 square feet of wall area.

2.  1x14 (Timberwright): 1 linear foot purchased will cover 1.4 square feet of wall area.

3.  1x variable height (Bob Timberlake Log Home Collection): 1 linear foot purchased will cover 1.5 square feet of wall area.

The above guidelines do not allow for any waste factor.  Each project is different, but a normal waste factor allowance is generally 5% to 7% that needs to be added to the amount of veneer being ordered.  Veneer is shipped in a random assortment of lengths from 8' to 16' with the majority being 12', 14', and 16' lengths. Technical information sheet and installation instruction sheet is available.

For more information or to have a Project Manager prepare a quote, please call (877) 662-6135.

John Ricketson
Project Manager
120 Carriage Drive, Macon, GA  31210
(877) 662-6135 Toll Free
(478) 474-9370 or FAX (478) 477-6535

E-mail: hearthstonehomes@mindspring.com

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