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Featuring eight new floor plans ranging in size from 800 square feet to 1540 square feet, the Lake Haven is perfect for a guest home, vacation home, or small primary residence.  Hearthstone listened to its customers and incorporated floor plan revisions that were continually being requested, for example: more closet/storage areas to satisfy guests and HVAC requirements, master bath with tub & shower, and room for a larger kitchen sink.  The Lake Haven's one story and a half configuration captures the log home lifestyle with cathedral living spaces, sleeping lofts, fire place, dormers, and covered porches.


Lake Haven 1400 Model

Above: Lake Haven 1400 built
in the Traditional 6x12 Log System

Cabin1.jpg (89696 bytes)
Lake Haven 1400 Downstairs
Click to enlarge.
Cabin3.jpg (98622 bytes)
Lake Haven 1400 Homeowners
Click to enlarge.
Cabin6.jpg (63557 bytes)
Lake Haven 1400 Sleeping Loft
Click to enlarge.
Cabinc.jpg (89421 bytes)
Lake Haven 1400 Living Room
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Cabind.jpg (52981 bytes)
Lake Haven 1400 Fireplace
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Cabine.jpg (85356 bytes)
Lake Haven 1400 From Loft
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Another great Lake Haven located in Big Canoe, Georgia
can be viewed by clicking the photo below.

Lake Haven 1400 Model

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 All Rights Reserved Respecting Design and
Subject Shown on These Plans.

Lake Haven 800 (click to enlarge)

LH 800 1st Floor

LH 800 2nd Floor

LH 800 Front Elev.

LH 800 Rear Elev.

LH 800 Left Elev.

LH 800 Right Elev.
Lake Haven 885 (click to enlarge)

LH 885 1st Floor

LH 885 2nd Floor

LH 885 Front Elev.

LH 885 Rear Elev.

LH 885 Left Elev.

LH 885 Right Elev.
Lake Haven 930 (click to enlarge)

LH 930 1st Floor

LH 930 2nd Floor

LH 930 Front Elev.

LH 930 Rear Elev.

LH 930 Left Elev.

LH 930 Right Elev.
Lake Haven 1200 (click to enlarge)

LH 1200 1st Floor

LH 1200 2nd Floor

LH 1200 Front Elev.

LH 1200 Rear Elev.

LH 1200 Left Elev.

LH 1200 Right Elev.
Lake Haven 1385 (click to enlarge)

LH 1385 1st Floor

LH 1385 2nd Floor

LH 1385 Front Elev.

LH 1385 Rear Elev.

LH 1385 Left Elev.

LH 1385 Right Elev.
Lake Haven 1480 (click to enlarge)

LH 1480 1st Floor

LH 1480 2nd Floor

LH 1480 Front Elev.

LH 1480 Rear Elev.

LH 1480 Left Elev.

LH 1480 Right Elev.
Lake Haven 1540 (click to enlarge)

LH 1540 1st Floor

LH 1540 2nd Floor

LH 1540 Front Elev.

LH 1540 Rear Elev.

LH 1540 Left Elev.

LH 1540 Right Elev.

If you would like to receive a Lake Haven Brochure please
fill out our Information Request Form and type "Lake Haven Brochure" in the comment section.

The Lake Haven is part of the Classic Collection of homes. 
For more information on the Classic Collection, Material Specifications,
and Pricing, click HERE.

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